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Velvet in Malta Is the New Vinted

The success of the online second-hand clothes selling platform Vinted is no longer to be proven. Indeed, the Lithuanian marketplace is available in 13 countries including the USA, UK, Germany or France, and has nearly 30 registered users.  And if you don’t know Vinted, here’s how it works: Vinted is an online community marketplace that allows you to sell, buy, and trade used clothing and accessories. But the platform is not available in Malta.  Fortunately, if you are in Malta and want to buy or sell second-hand clothes, you have a solution: Malta’s Vinted, Velvet.


velvet malta on play store

Selling clothes on Velvet: how does it work?

What was missing in Malta was a space where you can sell and buy clothes from individuals, easily and quickly. A bit like Vinted which is unfortunately not available in Malta.  Until then, there was no marketplace in Malta specifically for buying and selling second-hand clothes. The only alternatives were either thrift shops, but which are limited by the size of the store, or platforms not at all adapted like eBay.  But there is the new Vinted: Velvet. With Velvet everything is simpler: creating an account to buy or sell second-hand clothes on Velvet is a breeze.  As a seller, if you want to make money on Velvet, all you have to do is complete your profile, take pictures of the items you want to sell, choose a price and post an ad. If it turns out that there are real treasures in your closet just waiting to make you money.

Velvet, Malta's Vinted
Buy second-hand clothes in 2 clicks, directly from your home.

The benefits of using Velvet, the new Vinted, in Malta platform

  • Sell your old clothes quickly and easily 

We all have old clothes in our closets that we don’t wear anymore because they don’t fit, or because the style doesn’t suit us anymore. But what is no longer valuable to you can be very valuable to others. And you have nothing to lose by posting a free ad on Velvet.  Take good pictures of your item, estimate a price, accurately describe the condition of your clothing and post your ad. You’ll see, there’s a good chance you’ll be contacted by potential buyers.

  • Buy unique clothes at an unbeatable price

It’s no mystery why buying clothes is so popular today: it’s cheap, it’s eco-friendly, and it allows you to have totally unique items.  That’s why thrift stores have been so successful for decades. But unfortunately the choice in thrift stores is limited, whereas on online marketplaces like Velvet it is almost infinite.  Moreover, on Velvet, most sellers offer several payment and delivery options (hand delivery or parcel post), so you can really make your purchases in the best conditions.

  • Fast transactions in Malta thanks to the (small) size of the island which facilitates meetings for exchanges 

Malta is a small island, which means that everything is close by. On Velvet, buyers and sellers are often only a few kilometers away from you. So you can easily meet them through the platform to buy and sell your clothes easily.

velvet malta on play store


  • Marisa Agius
    September 8, 2021 at 21:22 AM

    Hello 👋

  • Mary
    September 22, 2021 at 00:47 PM

    I will like to sell items on Velvet website

    • Pierre Cordier
      October 1, 2021 at 34:59 AM

      Hello Maria,

      At the moment, you can only sell through the mobile application (Android or iOS). You can download it here:


  • Jennifer Hubbers
    January 17, 2022 at 06:20 PM

    I am interested in buying especially baby clothes or baby items, how does this work please ? Kind regards Jennifer

    • Pierre Cordier
      January 18, 2022 at 05:02 AM

      Hello Jennifer,

      You have to download the application



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