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The story behind : Velvet Malta

The story behind : Velvet Malta

We all know what’s its like when you are trying to pick out that outfit but you can’t seem to find the perfect one, as its hidden between the clutter of clothes we have.

We always say I need to re arrange my wardrobe and never get to it, better yet we stream across a shop pop in and buy a new dress. This has be me for the past 5 year, never having the motivation to organize my clothes as I never know what to do with them, don’t get me wrong.

I give a lot of them to charity, but what do I do with the expensive ones, which I’ve only worn once and are in excellent condition? That’s when I finally decided “sell them”, but where ?

I could not find any platforms with a user friendly set up that integrated payments and customer’s protection… This is why I decided to take the step and voila here we are a couple of months later with an app.

To help other people like me to easily list, buy and sell clothes & accessories !

Now something I should also mention about me is that I hate waste, I always do my utmost to recycle…started with plastic and now we are heading towards clothes but I will give more information regarding

Velvet Malta

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