Second-hand clothing at the forefront of fashion.

Named the “New Chic”, second-hand clothing has been democratized to the point of becoming a new fashion trend all around the world. With some apps such as Velvet, Malta’s Vinted, more and more people can buy cheaper, faster and greener. Nowadays, second-hand is the new fashion and vintage clothes aren’t the only old clothes that people want to find.

A market that has grown x21 in the last 3 years

Yes. The new fashion is nothing new. Let’s talk number before asking ourselves:  Who are the people who buy the most worn clothes? What does “second-hand” clothing mean and how does the internet help this market becomes a trend? The second-hand clothing market is a parallel market that seems to earn a lot more than the fast-fashion principal market. In fact, the used-fashion grows. And it grows fast. In the last 3 years, the second-hand apparel market has grown 21x faster than traditional retail. By 2028, the old-clothes business will represent 64 billion dollars while the classical one will “only” make $44 billion. A difference of 40% that shows us the fashion potential that secondhand clothes have. Also, according to some studies, 40% of consumers consider resale before buying an apparel.

An exciting new trend

Buying used clothes is buying faster, smarter and cheaper. The second-hand is trendy and will certainly stop growing. Proof of its success and to avoid fake resale, big names as Burberry, Versace or even Gucci have made partnerships with second-hand fashion reselling apps as TheRealReal. Particular to particular app, physical stores, companies… A majority of the actors behind the fashion trends make the step. Whether it’s luxury used-clothes and accessories or less prestigious clothing, people are acquiring more and more clothes that have been previously worn.  Let’s take the example of “Vestiaire Collective”, a brand that is not even 10 years old and that today is one of the central platforms to purchase and sell old-clothes. In few years, the brand has skyrocketed and now it registers :

  • 17 000 deposits/day
  • More than 7000 brands
  • An annual report of 13 million euros

A fashion driven by the middle-aged generations

Who are the customers who wear second-hand clothing? The answer is: middle-aged people. Effectively, the most loyal clients of this market are the 24 – 38. Nearly 46% of the so-called “Z Generation” admits to buying second-hand clothing in physicals or digital shops.  Better to them than the “fast-fashion market”, purchasing used clothes is a way to counter a market that’s responsible for 10% of carbon dioxide and 20% of global water waste all around the world. Thanks to that awareness, fashion is, before being “second-hand”, more sustainable. Awareness isn’t the only factor that makes second-hand clothes fashionable and principally worn by persons between 24 and 38 years old. Social Media also has a significant role. The phenomenon of fashion bloggers on social media has given rise to a need on the part of the users to always follow the trends and buy news items to be “fashion”. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford that way of life. This is where the secondary market and apps as Velvet, the new Vinted in Malta comes in. Thanks to these apps, you can sell your clothes, earn money and, eventually, acquire new second-hand clothing without spending a lot.

The second-hand trend: not just cheaper…Also unique

Second-hand clothing does not only means damages or dirty clothes. If this is your point of view, it’s never too late to change your mind! Buying warn clothes is the opportunity to pick up recent past clothes, luxury brands and cool stuff. Let’s do a true or false to conclude on this article and show you that second-hand clothing is the new trend to follow.


  • Second-hand clothes market offers a bunch of vintage items straight out of some grandmas and grandpas wardrobe.
  • Thanks to applications as Vinted or Velvet, it’s possible to find items from 1 or 2 previous seasons.
  • On this market, a bunch of people just resale their clothes because they get rid of them or need cash.
  • The second-hand trend is a good way to obtain unique pieces.


  • Not all second-hand garments are used or degraded. In fact, that concerns a minority of these clothes.
  • Buying second-hand clothes isn’t dirty or weird.
  • Buying or selling secondhand in Malta is possible as Velvet is here to help you!

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