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Key advantages of second-hand clothes!

Thrift stores, online platforms, … There is no shortage of ways to buy and sell second-hand clothes, so no more excuses not to get involved! If you are in Malta, think about Velvet, Malta’s Vinted.  Especially since it has many advantages. Even if it’s not all about dressing up in this way, it’s still worth it to adopt – even a little – this way of consumption. Let’s see why.

It’s good for the planet – Limit the use of the planet’s resources by going to second-hand

The first advantage of second-hand clothes is that they do not require the use of new materials to be created. Thus, buying a t-shirt that was previously lying in a closet and that was then considered as a waste because unused is greatly preferable to buying a new t-shirt.  Indeed, the creation of a new cotton t-shirt requires a lot of water (because of the irrigation of the cotton fields) whereas buying a second-hand t-shirt allows us to save these resources.  As an indication, a pair of jeans alone requires 7000 liters of water to produce. Opting for second-hand jeans means less natural resources used but also less material used and less transportation.  It also avoids old clothes becoming waste while they are still in condition to be worn. And beyond the environmental aspect, this mode of consumption often allows creating social links, and to avoid financing companies that manufacture their products in unethical conditions.

The Second-Hand Allows To Save Money

Let’s be honest: this is one of the main advantages of buying second-hand clothes. Buying brands for a few euros, much cheaper than the new price in stores is a real satisfaction.  With a little experience on Velvet you will see that it is easy to save more than a hundred euros per year depending on your purchases. Enough to support other expenses or simply to put aside!

Adapting Your Wardrobe Is Easier

Beyond your personal style of dress, everyone has to adjust their wardrobe from time to time. For work, for events like weddings, for pregnancy, or simply when children are growing up, there are plenty of opportunities.  This is especially true in the last two cases, where the clothes are only worn for a few months. So what’s the point of buying and paying more for clothes that won’t be used much? 

Velvet, Malta's Vinted
Secondhand clothes are a must have and present only benefits.

The Quality Is Better And The Pieces Are Unique

When a piece of clothing goes on sale at a thrift store, don’t forget that it has already been used for a few months. Surprisingly, this can quickly become a true sign of quality of the product, which has already passed through many passes in the washing machine.  It’s a great way to find clothes that will stand the test of time and wear, and that you can wear without fear of finding them totally damaged or discolored after the first wash.

Stop The Exploitation Of Poor Countries.

Many of our new clothes come from poor countries where exploited workers have to produce clothes often more than 12 hours a day for a ridiculous pay.  Buying second-hand clothes will not immediately stop their working conditions, but it will send a signal and make industries and retailers rethink their strategy. Consumers are the ones in power and they determine how the industry operates.Change your habits and the industry will adapt.

Vintage Is a Trend

Buying used clothing is also a way to discover unique pieces that you won’t find on every street corner. It is therefore ideal for those who wish to add a more personal and original touch to their clothing style.  Without totally dressing in a vintage way, it also allows you to avoid some scruples when buying. Since it’s less expensive, why not take advantage of it to change your style according to your desires of the moment?

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