Buy Well Second-Hand on Velvet Malta

Velvet Malta is a great tool for clearing out your closets, but it’s just as good for filling them! You can find nuggets of current or vintage collections among a very large catalog.

But of course, like almost everywhere else, you can be fooled. That’s why we’re going to give you our little tips to minimize the risks and make good deals.

Find the best items and good deals on Velvet Malta!

Avoid browsing the site when you are not looking for anything in particular

Velvet Malta, like all sites selling second-hand items between individuals, is a real gold mine. The risk is to spend hours in this mine and only come back to the surface with worthless stones.

That’s why we don’t recommend going to Velvet just to look at new offers, especially if you have a slight tendency to compulsive buying. It would be quite a thing to end up with closets overflowing with useless stuff because of a site that serves to sort out your wardrobe.

If you have an idea in mind, always do specific searches, for example “Vans shoes” in size 40. Then, all you have to do is choose among all the offers that will be proposed to you.

Don’t rush to the first item you see. You can also set up alerts for an item that you are looking for but is not available

Use filters

Every day, hundreds of items are added to the platform, and it is easy to get lost. But if, for example, you are looking for a specific item or style, you can apply filters to your search.

If you are a regular user of the platform, we also advise you to select the sorting of items by date, indicating the most recent, so as not to miss anything.

Then you can enter your size, type, color, brand, condition and desired price. This way you will already be able to narrow down your selection.

If you want something even more specific, like a pattern for example, you can then enter it in the search bar. So, if you selected “skirt”, “red”, “Zara”, “new”, and entered the word “gingham”… You will only see new red Zara skirts in gingham!  A time saver, right?

Find and follow your favorite stores

This is the step that can take the most time but it’s also the most profitable, because once you’ve found the stores of your dreams, you’ll be safe for a while.

To find your favorite stores, we suggest you do a keyword search, mainly via brands you like. When you see a nice picture, a nice item, click on the seller’s page to see if the item is an exception or not. If it is not, follow the seller immediately!

Also remember to check the reviews on the seller in question. Run away if the reviews are mostly bad or if all the transactions fail, you might be in for a nasty surprise.

Read the product description carefully

It seems obvious, but how many people ask questions to the seller when their answer is in the description of the product!

Once you have read the description carefully and if you feel that you are still missing information, this is where you can ask the seller your questions.

For example, even if the item is marked new, you can always ask if there are any stains, snags, or particular defects. If it’s a prestigious brand, ask for confirmation of authenticity as well.

Finally, you can ask for more photos, for example photos with the item worn if you are not convinced by the size or fit.

Negotiate… while remaining reasonable

If you like an item but it’s a bit out of your budget, try to make a proposal to the seller… Within reason, of course! There is nothing more annoying for a seller than to see a buyer asking for 80% off without reason.

It doesn’t cost anything to try to save a few euros and, as the custom is very widespread on second hand websites, it often works, and in the worst case, the seller makes you a counterproposal!

Also look at the date the ad was published. If the item has been online for a long time, chances are you can get the price down!

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