10 key tips to sell well on Velvet, Malta’s Vinted

For a few years now, Vinted has become an essential platform in the world to sell your clothes and earn money easily with the pieces you have in your closet. But if you live in the beautiful country of Malta, the platform is not available.

Luckily, Velvet, Malta’s Vinted does exist, and it’s just as good, if not better. But in order to sell your clothes quickly and without getting into trouble, there are a few tips to know. So here are our top 10 tips for selling on Velvet.

1. Create a complete and reassuring profile for the buyer

When buying items online from individuals, there is nothing less reassuring than an empty, newly created profile with no personal information. Indeed, these profiles are often those of ill-intentioned people or even swindlers.

To avoid giving this impression and to easily resell your clothes, take some time at the beginning to complete your seller profile. Add a profile picture, fill in all the information, and you will quickly see that your sales will be boosted.

2. Be honest and transparent about the items you sell

An item description that is not very detailed or vague is not reassuring for buyers. It’s best to be honest in detailing your listings, including describing potential defects. This way, buyers will see your honesty and, on the contrary to what one might think, you will sell much more easily.

Moreover, if you sell clothes that do not conform to the description, your reputation on the platform will suffer, and it will become almost impossible for you to sell your second hand clothes.

3. Take good pictures!

There are still too many poor-quality photos on second-hand platforms, which do not reflect the characteristics of a product.

However, taking a good photo to sell your items online is far from impossible:

  • place the item in front of a background with a solid color, ideally outside to have a natural light
  • make sure you have good light
  • ideally wear the item on you
  • focus on the item you are selling

4. Be flexible on delivery methods

Many buyers may abandon a purchase simply because they have to pay a delivery fee when the seller is only a few kilometers away. So do not hesitate to offer the hand delivery.

On Velvet, several delivery methods will be available:

  • Meet and connect: After payment, you can chat with the buyer to decide where to meet.
    If you want to deliver by yourself, you can indicate this in your shop description.
  • Pick up drop off (Velvet Storage): a storage point will be available at 58 Triq L-Universita, Msida, Malta (crossfit f15). There will be the possibility to drop off the order, the buyer will be able to pick it up at the same point when it will be available.
  • Delivery by courier (coming soon): Via one of our partners, it will be possible to offer delivery by courier (at the buyer’s expense). A courier will come and pick up your package, and deliver it to the buyer

5. Always answer to the messages you receive

Having a good reputation as a seller on Velvet is the key to selling your items quickly and at a good price, and thus making money. So take the time to answer all the messages you receive. It takes time, but it pays off, believe us.

6. Provide after-sales service like a professional

Once the sale is over, do not hesitate to send a little message to know if your customer is fully satisfied!  It’s a nice touch and will make them want to buy more clothes from you!

7. Sell several items at once, have a varied catalog

Offer choices! Everyone likes to have choices when shopping! So to attract more people and keep your customers coming back, offer several items! In addition, it allows buyers to order several items at the same time to limit shipping costs. It’s a win-win, you sell more and buyers pay less.

8. Use social networks, it’s a powerful tool

Share the url of your Velvet shop on the networks. It is the best solution to promote your articles. You can find potential buyers among your friends and family. And your followers/friends can in turn share your profile.

9. Offer low prices and discounts!

Offer an attractive price! We are all fans of discounts, who has never fallen for a little top or a sweatshirt at 70% or 80% off? Update the prices of your items that have been posted for some time!

People on Velvet are here to participate in sustainable fashion by buying second hand clothes, but also to save money. So sometimes you have to go for the volume by lowering the price.

10. Be yourself and have fun selling on Velvet!

Write personal descriptions and respond to messages in a natural way, this creates trust. Make money while having fun and meeting people.

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