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Treat yourself by renewing your wardrobe.
Sell your old pieces and buy new ones without breaking the bank!

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Velvet is a safe community: we actively moderate the content and listings and ensure seller's reliability for a great shopping experience !

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Thanks to our buyer's protection, Velvet guarantees you 100 % satisfaction.
If your item is not as described, Velvet can investigate and refund you accordingly !

An infinite wardrobe in your pocket !

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Safely buy and sell Brand new and secondhand clothing & items!

No need to give or throw away your clothes that are no longer to your liking. With Velvet Malta, make room in your closet by selling what you don’t wear and make space for your new pieces !

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Discover shopping in a different way

Sustainable consumption

Velvet is committed to the fight against overconsumption by offering the possibility to give a second life to clothes. This way of consuming is more ecological but also economical.

Easy to use

Velvet was created for everyone to be able to use. No matter how old you are, you can buy or sell on our platform very easily. Our simple and easy to use interface makes it accessible to everyone!


Welcome to Velvet

Velvet Malta operates an online marketplace allowing you to sale and to buy brand new and second hand items from clothes to accessories in Malta !

Velvet Malta operates an online marketplace allowing you to sale and to buy brand new and second hand items from clothes to accessories in Malta ! Velvet Malta is financially beneficial !

 We all have plenty of unworn clothes and it is time to free up some space in your wardrobe and make some money selling your stuff that are hanging in there. 

Velvet is environmentally sustainable ! Not only Velvet helps you make an extra income but it also helps the environment by offering consumers to buy sustainable clothing or to recycle!

 You can now buy unique pieces knowing that it contributed the environment. 

 If you have plenty of second-hand clothing collecting dust you could definitely take advantage of Velvet Malta !

It is proven that very often people end up with perfectly good clothes that they just don’t wear anymore. 

Velvet’s mission is to give these clothes & accessories of yours a second lease on life.

Gone are the days where you are forced to do a car boot or garage sale to stir up an interest in no longer wanted clothes !

We sorted that out for you in an easy-to-use app !

All you need to do is set up your profile, take photos of your items and make sure the price is right!

Go Velvet!

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